Good Cup Coffee


Every service includes your own personal barista Steve, proprietor of Good Cup. We’ll bring additional friendly staff for larger events. Each service is two hours, with additional hours available.

For events with a known guest count, the bar is open with no limit on the number of drinks. The cost per guest is added to the base fee.

For events with no clear guest count, by the cup pricing is listed. We count the number of cups after the service, and add the cost to the base fee. We will coordinate with you to estimate the size of the event so we bring enough supplies. Since events with a know guest count are more predictable,

Prices include taxes.

FULL MENU — $200.00

This base fee covers prep, set up, take down, labour, supplies, equipment, and transportation.

1 – 50 guests $3.75 / guest
51 – 75 guests $3.50 / guest
76 – 100 guests $3.25 / guest
Over 101 guests $3.00 / guest
Iced drinks $1.25 / guest

By the cup $3.75 / cup
By the cup with iced drinks $4.00 / cup
Additional hour $100.00
>100km from Hamilton $50.00
Custom bar front $100.00
Custom cup stamp $45.00


Each pot (8 cups) $20.00
Tea Included
Additional hour $30.00