Good Cup Coffee


Steve Good has been steeped in the specialty coffee world for over a decade. The moment a blueberry-forward Tanzanian peaberry hit his lips at the age of fourteen, it became clear to Steve that coffee can be one of life’s most divine delights. For such a modest drink, it occasions a disproportionately sensuous effect. A little extra effort in sourcing and preparing one’s cup yields immense dividends for the taste buds. To paraphrase Kip Fadiman, coffee is flora’s leap toward the afterlife. Coffee is a plant, after all. And a good cup can be a little puddle of heaven.

After enjoying a mere espresso at a new cafe, Steve was offered his first job on the spot. Starting with a thorough training in traditional Italian standards, his focus shifted to modern specialty coffee techniques. It turns out there are only a few principles to follow for good extraction (the reader need only google “puck prep” to jump down the rabbit hole). Once those were down pat, Steve could focus on the true enterprise of specialty coffee: service. There is no goal more essential than guest satisfaction.

After many years behind the bar and much glee as a member of his community, Steve took a position running the mobile division for a local roastery. Countless weddings, film sets, corporate launches, you name it, left him with the unique skillset required to launch a mobile service of his own. And so, Good Cup Catering was born.